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Powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating is one of the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly technologies of surface treatment. It forms anti-corrosive coating, which with the proper surface preparation may prevent the surface from corrosion for five, ten, even fifteen years. It resists UV-radiation and weather conditions well.

In accordance with the stipulations of the technology, paint in powder form is applied onto different metal surfaces with spray guns. The powder adsorbs to the surface due to the electric charge, which powder is then burned onto the surface in a furnace with a temperature of 180-220 °C. After burning in, once the product cools down, it can at once be packaged and even transported.

Our powder painting shop has a burning furnace with a length of 7500 mm and a width of 1600 x 1100 mm, to which three spray booths are attached that make painting in several colours at the same time possible. Fast switching from different colours and undertaking orders with a short deadline mean absolutely no problem at all. Large series and individual orders are dealt with alike.

Powder coating is carried out with Gema and Wagner spray guns.

The surface is prepared according to the requirements with degreasing, phosphate coating or abrasive blasting. Degreasing is carried out with a wash-tub and high-pressure spraying technology, in accordance with the stipulations of the related standards.

The colour palette is endless; painting any of the colours on the RAL-card is possible, while the custom-made extra colours of several production companies are also at our disposal.

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