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Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting is a surface treatment procedure. It ensures a homogeneous, pollution-, scale- and corrosion-free protective surface. It may be utilised in a wide range of individual surface treatment procedures. Preparing the surfaces in such a way significantly affects the durability of further surface treatment procedures.

Our abrasive blasting device is operated manually with a high performance in a 6m x 6m x 4.5m cabin, which enables the precise, high quality surface cleaning of profiled workpieces, and the cleaning of large, bulky workpieces, as well.

The device can be used in all areas where B Sa 3 or C Sa 2 surface cleanliness level is a must, in accordance with the MSZ ISO 8501–1 standard, or achieving a certain level of surface roughness is a technical requirement.

Abrasive blasting is carried out with S-170 sphere-shaped steel shot. The abrasive material is applied on the surface to be cleaned with the energy of compressed air.

Fields of application concerning the different materials:


  • descaling
  • corrosion removal
  • weld seam testing
  • preparation of painting, galvanisation
  • paint removal

Stainless steel:

  • removal of welding traces
  • establishing the final, homogeneous surface
  • matting, removal of surface scratches

Non-ferrous metals:

  • establishing the final, homogeneous surfaces
  • preparation of painting, galvanisation and anodising

Further applications of the abrasive blasting technology:

  • matting
  • roughening
  • smoothing
  • ensuring adhesion
  • removal of different surface pollutions, paint-, acid- and oil-derivatives