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Edge bent sheet metal component parts

In our sheet metal working plant we are able to manage large and medium series of high precision production runs without compromises.

Our CNC-controlled bending machines comply with the most diverse bending requirements arising in the field of sheet metal working. Our tooling is characterised by the fact that besides standard prisms and blades we also possess a number of special tools due to our work experience covering several decades and the continuous challenges. The blade- and prism-kits bought during the years and manufactured for customised works enable us to state that practically nothing is impossible for us in the field of bending.

Our edge bending activities are:

  1. High precision CNC edge bending
  2. Reverse mounting
  3. Bending of bracings
  4. Radius bending

Our bending ranges:

  • Material thickness: 0.5 mm – as a function of bending length it can be as long as 15 mm
  • Maximal bending length: 4000 mm